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How much do you get paid?
We pay 50% commission. When a customer clicks through from your site and purchases a membership, you earn half of that sale. So the amount you make depends on how much traffic you send. Our credit card processor CCBill pays out weekly, so you get paid quickly.


Why should you sign up?
We know there are a lot of pay sites out there competing for your attention. We've worked hard to keep ours from being another cookie-cutter adult site. Here are a few reasons why we're different:
1) Large preview area with lots of free original pix. Customers are much more likely to join when they know exactly what's inside.
2) Unique, exclusive high-quality content. All of our videos/pix are originals and canít not be viewed any where else.
3) We add lots of new material every week so customers stay interested, recommend it to their friends and come back for more.
4) High conversion rates. On average, our conversion ratio is 1:200.
5) And best of all, we pay 50% commission on all referred sales!




Below are some banners for you to place on your site. 

Just add the following links to the banners and see the money rolling in.


To link to FRENCHGUYZ.com use this html code:   

http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=931168-0004&PA=XXXXXX &HTML=http://www.frenchguyz.com



IMPORTANT! Be sure to change " XXXXXX " with your CCBill affiliate ID. 

If your CCBill affiliateID is 123456 the code above would look like this:

http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=931168-0004&PA= 123456&HTML=http://frenchguyz.com



Please email to " frenchguyz.com@gmail.com " the affiliate support team if you have any questions or suggestions